Roechling Industrial Gastonia Makes Investment Toward Becoming Carbon Neutral

Roechling Industrial Gastonia, LP, an industrial product manufacturer specializing in stock shape thermoplastic products, announced a new commitment to sustainability. The company will start to use FlexRNG in 2023 to address their natural gas consumption with the goal to offset their greenhouse gas emission and targeting carbon neutrality by 2030. FlexRNG is a new and accessible energy option from Gas South.

Roechling has set a company-wide goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. By investing in FlexRNG, it will ensure there is no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when it burns natural gas. FlexRNG is a multifaceted offering that works by offsetting natural gas emissions with verified carbon offsets and by displacing a portion of natural gas consumption with renewable natural gas (RNG). It includes verifying, tracking and retiring renewable thermal credits and carbon offset credits in the company’s name.

Author: Mike Jackson