News Drive at 5

Hosted by Patrick Reynolds


News Drive at 5

Welcome to the heartbeat of your community – “News Drive at 5” with the dynamic host, Patrick Reynolds, airing every weekday at 5 PM on WSIC. Get ready for an immersive journey into the day’s most pressing stories, a show that seamlessly weaves together local Lake Norman updates with state and national headlines.

Patrick believes that true change begins at the grassroots level.

Patrick Reynolds, a seasoned professional emcee with a rich background in communications, guides you through the latest developments with a mix of expertise and charm. With years of experience, he brings a unique flair to news reporting, making “The News Drive at 5” not just a program but a daily destination for those seeking informed and engaging content.

Explore the heartbeat of Lake Norman with accurate and timely local news coverage. Patrick goes beyond the headlines, offering in-depth interviews with local leaders, providing you with a deeper understanding of the issues shaping your community.

What sets “The News Drive at 5” apart is its commitment to community interaction. Patrick opens the phone lines, encouraging listeners to share their thoughts, questions, and opinions, fostering a sense of connection and participation. And, as if staying informed and engaged weren’t reward enough, the show spices things up with exciting prize giveaways that keep you on the edge of your seat.

Join Patrick Reynolds every weekday at 5 PM for a perfect blend of news, insights, and community spirit. “News Drive at 5” on WSIC – where local, state, and national news converge for an unforgettable drive into the heart of the day’s events. Don’t miss out on the excitement; make “The News Drive at 5” your daily destination for news and community camaraderie.

Patrick Reynolds: Accelerating Life’s Journey through Airwaves and Racetracks

Meet Patrick Reynolds, a New England native whose journey took an unexpected turn, merging the high-speed world of NASCAR with the dynamic realm of radio and entertainment. Relocating to the vibrant Charlotte, NC area to pursue his career in NASCAR, Patrick dove into the heart of the racing industry. He wasn’t just a spectator; he built cars, changed tires, and crisscrossed the nation’s speedways.

The 2008 recession hit the racing industry hard, leading to a downturn in sponsorships and a subsequent reduction in the auto racing workforce. Undeterred, Patrick, in search of his next venture, stumbled upon a golden opportunity – a co-host position on a new auto racing talk show at local radio station WSIC.

What began as a co-host role evolved into a multifaceted career at WSIC. Patrick’s journey saw him expanding into the station’s morning show, the newsroom, and eventually launching his self-produced motorsports talk show. His dynamic career path includes stints in advertising and sponsorship sales, radio show and podcast hosting, and becoming the charismatic emcee for various events.

Today, Patrick Reynolds takes the helm as the host of “News Drive at 5” on WSIC Radio, delivering the latest news with a blend of expertise and enthusiasm. Beyond the airwaves, he is the charismatic emcee for Waves Entertainment, lending his vibrant presence to events such as ‘Tawba Walks,’ Lowe’s YMCA July 3rd Celebration, the stage at Birkdale Village, The Amp in Ballantyne, and countless more.

Patrick Reynolds: a high-octane blend of racing passion, radio charisma, and event enchantment, driving through the twists and turns of a career fueled by passion and versatility.