Who is WSIC?

Who We Are…

  • As Iredell County’s first radio station, WSIC has been a trusted local
    source for much-needed information since 1947.
  •  Providing live and local news, weather, and traffic to our Iredell
    County Community. We have a hard-working, dedicated, full-time
    news staff ready to serve our listeners with up-to-the-minute “What’s
    Happening” in your backyard.
  • WSIC is locally owned and operated so we can truly form a
    customized and personalized partnership with our advertisers. We
    do what makes sense for you.
  • Our powerful stations easily cover Iredell County:
  • North to outlying areas of Wilkes County
                     • South to Northern Mecklenburg County
                     • East to communities of Davie, Rowan, and Cabarrus Counties
                     • West to areas of Alexander, Catawaba, and Lincoln Counties
  • Included with WSIC is not only Live News Radio but also:
                     • Live stream on our website and WSIC Facebook
                     • Recorded Radio Shows are archived on WSICnews.com
  • Our listeners are educated, professional, values-oriented, and loyal.
    They have the disposable income to spend in your businesses, and
    WSIC would love to invite them in on your behalf.

We would love the chance to create a custom advertising plan based on your
individual needs! May we have this opportunity to work with you?

Iredell Broadcasting does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, or any other FCC-regulated category. 1117 Radio Rd, Statesville, NC 28677