Testimonials of WSIC users.

“We have been a part of the birthday show on WSIC for at least 15 years. Customers are very excited when they come in to pick up their prizes. Most times they come back for more donuts and become regular customers. We are excited about continuing with WSIC and they have tremendously helped our business grow!”

– Daylight Donuts


“From the planning stages of my radio program ‘Why Should I Care” to the airing of my 26th show on WSIC, Chris Hoke and Kim Wasson have been so supportive and encouraging and very helpful to make my show long-lasting!”

– Melissa Neader- “Why Should I Care?”

“I started advertising with WSIC for the past 5 years. I wanted to grow my business and let people know where I was located. I have had a steady stream of new customers and received great results from the advertising. I love the station, especially the Home Ad show with Pat Shannon. My son is a frequent listener of the Rush Limbaugh show. I feel that I am in good hands with my advertising consultant. I trust that WSIC is dedicated to continually helping my business grow through the radio ads and their Facebook page.”

– Tim Ayers- Ayers Automotive“We have been advertising with WSIC for the past 4 years. They truly believe in our business and it shows. WSIC has given us the ability to reach out to people, not only in Iredell county but also the surrounding areas. Our chiropractic message now extends to an audience we have never been able to reach before. They work hard for us and treat us like family, all at a reasonable price. So if you are looking for a great way to promote your business, join the WSIC family as we did!”

– Matthew Blankenship- Blankenship Chiropractic Clinic

“I have been advertising on WSIC for both Statesville stores for a long time and I continue to see proven results from my advertising investment with the station.”

-Rhyne Scott- General Manager Randy Marion of Statesville

“Not a week goes by that I don’t have someone come and talk to me about having heard me on WSIC’s broadcast. It really takes the message out to folks that I don’t have the opportunity to talk to. With a 30-minute time slot, we are able to get into details and talk about the issues that are important to Iredell county. As well as bring in people from the State level to talk to Iredell county and show the good people of this county that they care and that people are listening.”

-David Parker- Rocking Chair Chats

“I started doing the show as a way for me to connect with more business owners. Now after six years and six hundred guests, the show has turned into a wonderful way for other LKN area business owners to connect with each other. There’s no better way to tell your story. The show has all the media platforms at one time, live radio, live TV, live local cable, recorded video, Facebook, and (the) WSIC website.”

-Joe Vagnone- Business Broker and Host of Local Biz Now

“WSIC is our best marketing strategy, producing excellent results. The annual advertising investment continually exceeds our expectations, obviously due to their loyal listeners.”

-Gavin Arsenault- General Manager Trump National Golf Club Charlotte