State Board Orders New Election in Dobson, Certifies Runoff in Nash and Edgecombe Counties

The State Board of Elections on Monday ordered a new election for the Town of Dobson Board of Commissioners in Surry County, and determined that hearings should be held for the possible removal of two Surry County Board of Elections members. The State Board unanimously ordered a new election for two Dobson commissioner seats after a poll worker indicated that a candidate in that contest was deceased when handing a ballot to multiple voters on Election Day, November 8.

The contest was between four candidates, with the top two vote-getters earning seats on the town board of commissioners. The third-place candidate, John Jonczak, protested the results. Jonczak received 8 fewer votes than the second-place candidate, Walter White. Candidate J. Wayne Atkins received the most votes. Surry County voter James E. Yokeley Jr. also protested the results on similar grounds.

Author: Mike Jackson