Rep. John Bradford Honored as Charter Schools Champion

Rep. John Bradford (R-Mecklenburg) has received the “Charter Champion” award from the North Carolina Coalition for Charter Schools.

Lindalyn Kakadelis, Executive Director of the N.C. Coalition for Charter Schools, said, “Rep. Bradford championed legislation to ensure fair and timely funding for public charter schools. He is a leading voice for charter school students, parents, and leaders, and very deserving of the title ‘Charter Champion.'”

Rep. Bradford said, “It’s an incredible honor to be recognized by the Coalition. I am a parent of children enrolled in a charter school. I support parent choice for schools and will continue my work to support education – both public charter and traditional public schools – to make sure students can receive the best education possible.”

North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore said, “Students have a strong ally in John Bradford. Thanks to his leadership, school choice has thrived, diversity in education has expanded, and thousands of North Carolina students have had access to a quality education in charter schools.”

Pictured above: Michelle Holland (Principal, Lake Norman Charter School), Rep. Bradford, Lindalyn Kakadelis, Shannon Stein (Superintendent, Lake Norman Charter School) Sept. 20, 2022.

The N.C. Coalition for Charter Schools presented Rep. Bradford with his award at Lake Norman Charter School, a public charter school in Huntersville.

In the General Assembly, Rep. Bradford championed House Bill 335 to ensure public charter schools receive local funding in a timely manner. He staunchly supports providing parents the freedom to choose an education option that best suits their children.

Public charter schools are a free, public alternative to traditional zoned schools and are available to all. They complement, rather than compete with, traditional public schools by offering innovative teaching methods and more flexible curriculum options. Students do not need to live in a particular zone, or even in the same county, to attend a public charter school.

Author: Mike Jackson