Local Biz Now

LocalBiz Now with Joe Vagnone

Friday, 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

If it’s Friday morning, your business matters!  (Ok, it matters every day)

#1 Small Business radio show in NC

9 years strong- every Friday morning 8am – 9am

  • Over 750 business owners & community leaders interviewed
  • Over 320 video interviews
  • Every month Joe shares the mic with exceptional business coaches & experts in their industry- Over 56 Co-Host to date

The show is designed to Inspire, Inform, Motivate & of course, through Joes light hearted approach, Entertain you.

Join Joe Vagnone for the entertaining discovery of how businesses operate, how they make money, how they become better professionals, and much more.

Joe is a business broker and helps people buy and sell their business.

Local Biz Now is a weekly radio show aimed at our business community.  8amevery Friday morning.  Owners of area businesses, large and small, as well as other business experts – local, regional, and even national – will be guests of the show.

Each week, host Joe Vagnone and a new monthly co-host talk with leaders from local organizations to learn about the services they offer and their approach to business.  Joe not only delve into the details of the products or services they offer, but also discover ways all business owners can learn from the knowledge and experiences of their guests.

The show is informative and entertaining to a diverse audience.  Joe and co-host will provide helpful business advice to both longtime professionals and new entrepreneurs.  In addition, non-business owners in the community will learn about businesses that have been in the area for a long time, as well those just starting up.

The mission of the Local Biz Now Radio Show is to educate, motivate, inspire, entertain and empower listeners.

Joe Vagnone is a respected business broker and adviser.  He has been helping individuals buy and sell businesses for over 20 years.  He, himself, has owned and operated numerous businesses including several multi-unit restaurant concepts, a magazine publishing company, and light manufacturing businesses.

Joe choses Co-hosts that are professional business coachs, business owners, business management and leadership experts,– locally, nationally, and internationally.

Guests featured on the show are generally contacts & connections Joe & his Co-hosts have meet over the years.

Enjoy some of Joe’s Podcasts here!