ICE Arrests 2 Men in a 40-Pound Drug Bust Following Routine Traffic Stop

Queen City News is reporting that two men are facing multiple charges following a drug bust during a traffic stop on Interstate-77 in Iredell County this week, the ICSO  said. The incident happened on Tuesday on I-77 at mile  marker 55. The vehicle was pulled over for violating a traffic law,  deputies said. During the traffic stop, ICE team deputies searched the vehicle. A large suitcase and a large bag were located in the trunk that contained over 40 pounds of high-grade marijuana, they said. The street value of the high-grade marijuana is estimated at $378,876, the ICSO said.

The driver of the vehicle, Randy Diaz Fonseca, 34, and the passenger, Luis Miguel Vazquez, 25, both told deputies that they were traveling from Michigan to Florida. Fonseca and Vazquez were transported to the Iredell County Detention Center, where they were charged with felony trafficking by marijuana possession, felony trafficking by marijuana transport, felony possession with intent to sell and deliver, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana paraphernalia. 

Author: Mike Jackson