Highway 150 Widening Project Community Meeting to be Held in Mooresville (Updated Time)

NCDOT Division 12 Engineer Mark Stafford and NCDOT staff members will host a meeting on Thursday, December 16th in Mooresville, NC to discuss the HWY 150 road widening project. The meeting comes at the request of Sen. Vickie Sawyer who continues to engage with the Department on the details and status of the project. NCDOT will plan to answer questions from the community regarding timeline, delays, and updates to the project. This is an open meeting and members of the public are encouraged to attend.

When asked about her efforts to schedule this meeting, Sen. Sawyer responded: “As a resident of Mooresville who lives and works off HWY 150, I empathize with the constituents who contact my office daily to voice their frustrations over the delays and disruptions to this project. Our community deserves to hear directly from NCDOT staff on a realistic timeline for the project and why delays have occurred in the past. As the elected State Senator representing this area, I will continue to engage with NCDOT staff to ensure our community isn’t kept in the dark on updates to this project and am committed to keeping this project on track as currently scheduled.”

In May 2020 findings from an audit issued by the State Auditor’s office revealed that the NC Department of Transportation, an agency housed under Governor Cooper’s administration, planned to spend approximately $5.94 billion in SFY 2019, but exceeded that amount by $742 million (12.5%). This massive overspend was revealed during the same time the Department announced it was experiencing an additional $300 million shortfall in revenue due to COVID-19. Mismanagement in spending by senior officials within the Department and setbacks due to COVID-19 have resulted in serious delays to transportation related projects across the state – including the HWY 150 road widening project.

As a Chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, Senator Sawyer remains diligent in her work to instill systematic changes to the Department of Transportation so this type of overspend will never happen again. The state budget which was recently signed into law includes auditing capabilities to better monitor agency accounting practices.

Specific Details for the Meeting Include:

What: Community Meeting on HWY 150 Widening Project

When: Thursday, December 16th

Time: 6:30pm

Where: Charles Mack Citizen Center – 215 N. Main St., Mooresville, NC 28115

Additional information about the Highway 150 Road Widening Project can be found here:


Author: Mike Jackson