Donations Needed to Buy Rowan K9 Fanta a Bulletproof Vest

WBTV is reporting the Rowan Sheriff’s Office and the non-profit organization Keeping K9s in Kevlar are partnering to raise money to purchase a bullet proof vest for Rowan Sheriff’s K9 deputy Fanta. The organization points out that for many law enforcement agencies, bulletproof vests for K9s are not included in the budget, so the agency must rely on donations from community partners. Each vest costs $2600. The vest would protect Fanta from stabbing, shrapnel, and bullets fired from most handguns. Keeping K9s in Kevlar raises money through Paypal on the organization’s Facebook page under the blue “Learn More” button. 100% of the donations will go to fund a vest specifically for Fanta. If the fundraising goal is exceeded, any surplus will go towards the next K9 in line.