Hosted by Joe Vagnone of Local Biz Now and Bill Russell, President of the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce

The 11th Annual Small Business Event of the Year was presented by Novant Health. The hosts aimed to nurture the mind, body, and finances of their audience. The show featured commercial-free live radio, motivational speakers, and top talent from the community. The importance of community involvement and the contributions of individuals and organizations were underscored by the introduction by Senator Thom Tillis. The event also featured discussions on topics such as the potential of the red line transportation project, the significance of character in the workplace, and the importance of mentorship. The event showcased a mix of professional introductions and lighthearted exchanges among the participants. Guests shared their personal journeys as entrepreneurs, highlighting humble beginnings and the influence of people shaping work ethic. There was even a discussion about the FTC ruling on non-compete agreements and its potential effects on small businesses.


Part 1 | 2024 Small Business Event | Senator Jeff Tarte

Senator Tarte takes a moment to reflect on his illustriuous career, which includes both the private and public sector. Having worked with one of the largest companies on the planet and still finding time to provide insights to Small Business Owners just beginning their careers, Senator Tarte is a wealth of knowledge for all.

Part 2 | 2024 Small Business Event | Joel Olsen | O2 Group Ventures

Joel Olsen, the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year for 2023 joins Joe Vagnone, Bill Russell, and Senator Jeff Tarte. Olsen's successful ventures in sustainability and clean energy partially include O2 Group Ventures and Sun Raised Foods. Olsen's background, including his international experiences in Japan and Norway, and his journey into entrepreneurship, highlighting the challenges he faced during the recession and his eventual success with the support of others, are some of the key points of the discussion.

Part 3 | 2024 Small Business Event | Alli Moody | Novant Health

Alli Moody, Chief Nursing Office of Novant Health Huntersville Medical Center joins as a special guest of the 2024 Small Business Event to discuss many aspects of the healthcare industry. Some of those topics include: Telehealth, Mental Health, COVID, and Workplace Culture

Part 4 | 2024 Small Business Event | Tracy Alston | Mental Edge Fitness Solutions

What is holding you back? Tracy Alston dives into the deep conversation of Mental Health Watch and listen as Tracy describes her experiences in working with people achieve their goals and helping them find solutions to some of life's most challenging obstacles

Part 5 | 2024 Small Business Event | John Resnick | Legends of Success

John Resnick sought out on a mission: to find out what makes some of the most successful business people in the world get to where they are. Having interviewed some of the most successful in the world such as Steve Forbes, Jack Welch, William & Evelyn Lauder, Bernie Marcus, Sara Blakely, Jimmy Carter, and many more, John continues that journey still today.

Legends of Success airs every Saturday at 3pm on WSIC

Part 6 | 2024 Small Business Event | Elizabeth Colen | Wellness Strategist & Certified Life Coah

What has been one of the most challenging moments during your life thus far? Elizabeth Colen, Wellness Strategist and Certified Life Coach shares her story of perseverance in the face of adversity Be inspired by her story and learn how you can live a life full of opportunity and joy!

Part 7 | 2024 Small Business Event of the Year | Representative John Bradford (NC District 98)

How do you find a good work-life balance? Now add in being an elected representative having to travel throughout the week. Not only a State Representative, but as a family man and an entrepreneur, Representative Bradford talks about his journey as well as some practical insight into how finding balance between work and life is essential.

Representative Bradford even shares some insight into how he got started in business and politics. Get a rare look into the entrepreneurial ventures Representative Bradford is involved with in his private life as well